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Vehicle load compliance explained
13 Aug 2014
Exceeding a vehicle’s maximum permissible weight not only damages our roads and bridges but also is a danger to the driver and other road users. It is an offence which carries with it a range of risks and penalties from fixed fines of up to KES 400,000 to prison sentences up to four (04) years as provided for in the legal instruments regarding vehicle overload control in Kenya. An effective self-regulation mechanism can provide a significant step towards promoting voluntary compliance. It...Read More
H.E. President Uhuru insists on an online quarterly report on the implementation of the Port Charter
14 Jul 2014
During the Signing ceremony of the Mombasa Port Community Charter, the Launch of the Kenya Port Authority (KPA) Strategic Plan and Northern Corridor Performance Dashboard on 30 June 2014, H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta was keen to ensure that all the 25 Charter signatories are held accountable through a monitoring mechanism and directed them to honour their commitment to exceeding performance standards that will deliver goods to market with maximum efficiency and in minimum time. The President...Read More
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